Dental Implants

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An implant is a method of giving back a tooth root. It looks like a large screw and is made of titanium, a metal that almost everyone tolerates well.


An implant can be used to replace a single tooth. In the photo you can see that it acts like a new root for the tooth that’s been lost. A crown is then placed on top of the implant.

    Implants can also be used to hold a fixed bridge (one or more fake teeth). A fixed bridge is used when one or more teeth are missing; implants can be placed on either side of a space where teeth are missing or have been replaced. A three-tooth bridge, for example, covers three missing teeth, including the implants, and is cemented in place. The photo to the left shows a bridge on the bottom teeth.

    Implants can anchor a denture.  In the example at left, four implants are placed on this woman’s upper arch (lower left photo); the inside of the denture has small ‘o ring’ attachments (upper left); the outside of the denture looks like any other denture (upper right). The bridge gives this woman a beautiful smile and the denture fits solidly on the implants rather than ‘floating’ on her gums alone (lower right).


    -Joanne L.

    My family and extended family have been patients of Dr. Linda Johnson for 13 years. We find her office to be quiet and restful. The staff is like family to us and all are caring professionals. Dr. Johnson always treats us with respect and explains each situation fully so that we can together decide on the best treatment plan. The office is flexible and tries to work around our schedules. My elderly mother, who suffered from dementia, was also a patient of Dr. Johnson for many years. Every effort was made to make her comfortable, help her to understand the procedures, and bring her in on one of her “good days”.

    I would highly recommend Dr. Johnson if you are searching for a caring, professional dentist!

    -Ruby H.

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    -Ben G.

    Dr. Johnson is excellent at describing what she is going to do as she works in one’s mouth. Her shots area painless and performed quickly. I’m always pleasantly surprised by her constant updating her treatments with the latest equipment or procedures. Her facilities are always freshly appearing as well as are all of her staff associates.

    -Patrick K.

    Our family appreciates professional competence, attention to our concerns and interests. We have found those here with Dr Johnson and her outstanding staff. Great chair side manner is an added plus. Everyone here is especially careful to avoid any patient discomfort. No one looks forward to a dental visit, but this is as close to that as is possible.